Good ice cream from Bologna

The history of our company began in 1932 in Bologna when, thanks to an idea of Cesare Passerini, it began operating successfully in the world of ice cream. One of our first creations is the Cono Delizia, which used to be created by hand and delivered in the historic reusable tins directly to the customer, boxes that have now become real antiques.

Then, with the passing of the years and the evolution of technology, the company modernised and changed several locations over time. Today we boast a 3,500 sq. m. headquarters with all the space necessary to meet our customers’ every need. We work in Italy and abroad and in the last 30 years, with the support of technicians, professionals and architects, we have created and realised more than 300 ice-cream parlours and public premises which, thanks to our consultancy, have become real points of reference.